Wednesday, April 25, 2012


This image aims at illustrate circulations in Villa Savoye. Instead of analysing each circulation point, I chose to concentrating on the ramp and staircase which are the main tools in this building and how light will affect them.

According to Le Corbusier's concept of "Promenade Architecture", architecture should provide and relax environment for clients. In this building, ramp is a useful tool to achieve that, ramp has a longer distance and clieants will spend more time in walking on it and by walking on the ramp, clients can easily walk around the building and enjoy it. By comparison, staircase provide clients a fast way to go through the building in a couple of minutes.

 Le Corbusier divides this building into three levels: cave, habitation and solarium. Cave refers to the ground floor. The inner space in ground floor is less than the levels above thus ground floor level is the darkest space in this villa. For the middle level, clients share both light and shadows, apart from inner spaces, this level contains an open roof garden and a kitchen terrace which is suitable for humans and can be refered as habitation. Roof is the solarium which is an completely open environment and sunshine just come down directly and this is is brightest level.
This image is to balance the strong conflict between staircase and ramp. In the original building. staircase is beside ramp, one stands for fast another stands for slow which is a little bit leaning. Thus, I put staircase in the middle and arrange ramp around it to demonstrate the strong conflict between them and balance them.

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