Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Step 1: Circulation

Illustrate the function of ramp and staircase, and what they represent as well as the relationship between circulation and light.

  • Ramp - slow "Premenade Archietcture", enjoy the building.
  • Staircase - fast, quickly go through the building.
  • Light - cave, habitaion, solarium

Step 2: Formal Devices

Demonstrate the geometries and proportions in this building.
  • Geometries: Circle
  • Proportion: Golden rectangle
                     Root 5 rectangle
Step 3: relationship between detail and whole

Illustrate how Le Corbusier bring landscape into the building: roof garden, windows and glazing.

  •  Roof Garden - vegetation
  • Windows - directly show the environment
  • Glazings - see through and reflection.

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