Thursday, June 14, 2012


Step1- Concept
  • Landscape
  • Building should be part of envornment.
  • Concentrate more on the appearance of architecture.
  • Use different layers and levels and roof gardens to present landscape.
  • Artist and his families(might be parents)
  • Artist: like something wierd and different.
  • Parents: like something bright.
  • Collections: paintings from 18~19 century.
 Step3- Designs that fit the user brief
  • Shape of the building: strange and similar to rock.
  • main transportation: ramp(consider accessbility of disabled and also enjoy the building.)
  • Entrance: Sloping wall to hide the entrance of the residential door and stand out the entrance of gallery.
  • Doors: Use external sliding door to fit special shape of the building.
  • Galleries: Large Gallery-used to put dark and negative paintings and use artificial light as main light tool to create a sense of mistery.
  • Small Gallery- use to present some bright and possitive paintings and has a larhe window to utilise natural light.
  • Residentials: GF: Large bedroom- for parents, has a large sliding door.
  • 1F: Small bedroom- for artist
  • Working area- use the triangular space of slopng roof.
  • Roof Gardens: each level has a garden with different sjape and scale.

Step4- Construction and material
  • Material: White concrete
  • Construction: considered the shape, it might be hard to build the roof. Can use “House in A Grove”as a reference.

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