Sunday, March 11, 2012


Villa Savoye is  an early and classic exemplar of the "International Style" designed by Le corbusier, which hovers above a grass plane on thin concrete pilotti, with strip windows, and a flat roof with a deck area, ramp, and a few contained touches of curvaceous walls.
 Unlike the confined urban locations of most of Le Corbusier's earlier houses, the openness of the Poissy site permitted a freestanding building and the full realization of his five-point program. The dominant element is the square single-storied box, a pure, sleek, geometric envelope lifted buoyantly above slender pilotis.
 Its taut skin slit for narrow ribbon windows that run unbroken from corner to corner.
 The ramp in the middle forms the basic circulation of the house.
 The spiral staircase saves internal spaces effectively and increases the modernization of this building at the same time.
The openness of the Poissy site permits a freestanding building.

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